Counseling services at m88体育 are in place to help the student identify and clarify personal, career, 和教育目标. Counselors seek to help students successfully meet deadlines, and gain career and transfer information. Our counselors are here to assist students and facilitate their positive development.

我们提供的服务包括 Academic Counseling, Career Exploration, 教育计划, College Transfer, and many others to help students achieve their educational goals.

Counseling Department offices (LAC and PCC) will be open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Remote counseling services will be offered throughout Fall 2021. (In-person counseling appointments will not be available on campus.)

If you are a Continuing student and need an educational plan, probation and transfer information, please make an appointment by selecting 咨询预约 (Starting November 1st, we will be providing our counseling services through Zoom platform).  If you are a Continuing Student and have a quick question, please select First-come, First-served (FCFS) Counselors. If you are a New Student, please select 欢迎中心顾问.